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What is Own the Mic?

Own The Mic is a summer singing program that inspires young singers to challenge themselves and improve their musicianship through vocal and music education classes.  Singers explore vocal harmony in master gospel and jazz choirs as well as small contemporary  ensembles where they sing both lead and back-ups.  They also learn about vocal technique, basic ear training, improvisational ideas, microphone technique, performing with a live band, and so much more!  Master classes include Do Dat Scat! Improv Lab, Rock Steady: Preparing for an Audition, The Artist in Me: exploring some of our most powerful musical influences to find our own voices.


A FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERT with a LIVE BAND will showcase singers as they perform the songs they have been rehearsing all week.  

The concert will be open to the public for everyone to hear!



*I love to sing and want more solo opportunities!

*I want to connect with other singers!

*I need help with my college audition!

*I want to feel more comfortable when I sing in front of a crowd!

*I don't want to be in the spotlight, but I still want to perform!

*I need more vocal harmony in my life!


If ANY of these thoughts have EVER crossed your mind, Own The Mic is for you!


**Please note:  this is NOT a recreational day camp.  This is a specialized camp for people who want and love to sing.


The camp is held at San Domenico School in San Anselmo, CA

and is open to entering 6th-exiting 12th graders.

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